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We had fun and at the end we were in Istanbul. We have reserved our last day for istanbul islands in the Cappadocia tours direction that our tour guide Ender Bey wants before tomorrow morning. And we spent the last day in istanbul islands. It is forbidden to use even the car-motorized vehicle which is really close to istanbul and whose historical texture is never intact and will even damage the historical texture. These nostalgia horse carriages add a distinct beauty to the islands. We had a big island and during the day we joined the big island phaeton tour and there was an undiscovered island view. From the highest peak point of the island, there was a magnificent view of the island. It was nice to eat dinner here and drink coffee after dinner with filter coffee. Believe it or not, the islands are an undiscovered place. Already on the ferry, the island is close to the old ferry pier and here is a very short island square. There is a clock tower which is the symbol of the island square. This clock kulsei was made during the time of the 2nd oudman sultani abdulhamit. There are especially hiking and biking trails around the island.

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The airport in istanbul has been really beautiful and the new airport is being constructed as the biggest air of the world. If you are in Istanbul, there is no mention of the number of people who are descending. There is a very dense air traffic. So we had 3 different air routes between istanbul and izmir and we were in Turkish Airlines and Izmir airports. I met a private driver here at the place where the meeting point was mentioned. We finally went to a 5-star hotel in turkey tours Izmir with private Mercedes Vito vehicles and an extremely luxurious vehicle. The hotel had great sea view. It was especially nice to watch the evening sun and the sunset here. So we watched the İzmir city line ferry following one of these as a complement to this beautiful scenery. It was so private yacht and sailboat ferry. We eventually arrived early in the morning after a nice night out and arrived at our 5-star hotel-owned lobby with our tour guide and private car. Having used the Mercedes Vito to transfer the hotel car yesterday evening it was very welcoming.

Eventually we were in the ancient city of Ephesus to begin a busy tempo. First of all, especially after the Roman empire, this is the port city, but the sea and the coast are very far away. The conditions of nature and natural phenomena ensured that the sea was withdrawn from Ephesus. Finally, I would like to give a very brief information about Ephesus, which was made during Ancient Greek time. Numerous buildings and buildings made of many marble and stone. Ephesus, which is a marble column to the left and right, adds a different daily cappadocia tours atmosphere to the ancient city. Trojan fountain is a fountain decorated with King sculptures on both sides. In Arıca Ephesu square, celebrations and entertainments are organized. If you come to Ephesus Celcus Libray without seeing it, I think that Ephesus is gone and getting there is a ticket.

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Turkey tour in other words, the last 2 days of package tours Bursa and Edirne were to the city. Our tour guide Ender Bey went to Istanbul for our tour, and the best way was to have one day in Edirne. Then we went to the city of Bursa from the Canakkale strait to the city of Brursa via the ferryboat with an arabian name. NEYSE Istanbul Edirne city between the road is extremely beautiful. This is a very good way to connect istanbu tours to Europe. Turkey is going to Bulgaria after Kapıküle. Also the Edirne oldcity is a bit farther away from the Meriç river, which is closer to the railway route from Bulgaria. The Aegean Sea is pouring out on the borders of Turkey after wandering the European continent. On the Meriç river, there is the Meriç river on the Meriç river built by Mimar Sinan, who is as special as himself, with the world respect raised by the Ottoman empire.

We left Selimiye mosque, which was built in the name of Sultan Selim and built in Ottoman territory, and headed for the city of Bursa. Selimiye mosque first moved away from his body and minarets. Anyway there is a culture and a very important historical Bursa city. I believe that only the establishment of the Ottoman imperialism was in this land. BU The magnificent ottoman empire was established here as Beylik. The summit Daily Turkey tours point of the Ottoman Empire in 1453 after the conquest of Istanbul mehmet Istanbul Bursa was founded. After that, world politics became the most important empire that gives direction. The Ottoman Empire ruled for 600 years and it is an empire that determines the borders of today's states. Bursa city has always been given a special importance and respect in all periods of the Ottoman Empire. Belkide is the largest structure after istanbulBuildings caravansarays. The most prominent feature of the Seljuk Empire was that a large part of the Caravanserais were built during this period.

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